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Stephen Gandy CFP | Services


Wealth Management

How much risk are you willing to take? We’ll discus your comfort level and draw a line in the proverbial sand to determine how to best manage your wealth for the near and long term. As an independent financial advisor, we can discuss a wide range of investment opportunities.

Estate Planning

Are you concerned about managing your wealth to bequeath to your spouse and children? Once we know what your parameters are, we can start envisioning your financial future with the right plan.

Saving For The Future

As you save for retirement, are you a marathon runner for the long-term or a sprinter for the short-term? If you’re young – in your 20s to your 40s – I can help you plan for the years ahead. But if you’re getting nearer to retirement, we can guide you with a plan for the years ahead with the goal to maximize savings.

Retirement Planning

How much do you need to retire? Do you want to retire early? Do you want to travel the world, buy a second home, play golf everyday or fish with your grandkids? Do you want to be remembered for your legacy? It depends on a myriad of factors: age, income, your lifestyle and where you live. I work with my clients to help them enjoy their money during their golden years. Retirement planning is a very critical endeavor, and it is my goal to ensure that you will not outlive your portfolio. I can create a strategic financial plan that encompasses Traditional to Roth to Rollover IRAs, plus Fixed and Variable Annuities, CDs, stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Reviewing Your Portfolio/Tax Planning

Any portfolio review begins with a candid conversation, a thoughtful strategy and a financial plan. I consider each of my “partners in prosperity” as a unique individual. We’ll discuss your short- and long-term goals, and your income goals. This portfolio review will help us determine how to minimize your taxes and maximize your bottom line for a confident tomorrow.

Education Planning

Do you plan to send your child to college? Are you aware that the College Board estimates that the cost of tuition, room and board at a private, four-year college is rising by over nine percent annually and may top $115,000 by 2020? (Source: FinAid.com) Whether you can afford a private university or a state college, a conversation with me can help to lay the groundwork for a College Education Savings 529 Plan for the long-term.

To request information about any of these services, contact me today at (415) 499-4600.